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Originals (Mine) DC
Warrior's member - Kate Melody Chang Warrior's member - Nos Argent Batgirl Black Canary
Tigris Wolf v.1 Wolf v.2 Booster Gold Bulletman Captain Atom
Wolf v.3     Captain Marvel Captain Marvel, Jr. Agent Cameron Chase
Originals (Other) Deathstroke Dr. Fate
Doc Midas The Fox Jackie Shadows v.1 Dr. Mid-Nite Fire Firestorm
Jackie Shadows v.2 Kardiac The Skull Guy Gardner Conner Hawke Hawkgirl
Sky King Stargirl Prof. Tantalus Hourman Ice Jesse Quick
Thunder Trisaber   Joto Kid Eternity Killiwog
Wildguard Martian Manhunter Mr. Miracle Mr. Terrific
American Icon Aqua Chica Astro Girl Plastic Man Power Girl The Ray
Barbrazon Blaction Figure Conductra Red Tornado Sand Secret
Ignacia Motherboard Red Rover Sentinel Sins of Youth - Batman Star-Spangled Kid
Snapback Sticker Burr Wannabe Superboy (YJ) Superboy (TT) Superboy (RPG)
Marvel Supergirl Wildcat  
Black Panther          
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